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The 2024 agenda has been announced! Meet the speakers from WK Kellogg Co., Paper Converting Machine Company, Cabot, Digimarc, EFI, and more!

The 2024 workshop, led by Smithers Consultant Sean Smyth, will discuss the changing landscape for digital printing in labels packaging in a drupa year. Add the workshop for just $399!

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The Changing Landscape for Digital Printing in Labels Packaging in a drupa Year
Workshop Topics
Introduction – Packaging and Labels
  • Where digital fits into the packaging world
  • Choices for printing labels, cartons, corrugate, flexibles, rigid plastics, glass, and metal
  • Litho, flexo, gravure, relief, and special decorating methods

Changing Functions of Packaging and Markets
  • The changing role of packaging, new functions enabled by digital print

Digital Print Technologies Used in Packaging and Labels
Developments from drupa
  • Electrophotography SWOT
  • Inkjet SWOT
  • Developments from drupa – integrated manufacturing
  • The importance of workflow and digital finishing
  • Emerging routes to market
  • Comparing analogue and digital printing
  • Sustainability
  • Changing retail landscape
  • The opportunities in e-commerce packaging
  • Changing customer requirements, how big brands are being disrupted by smaller brands
  • Changing supply chains enabled by digital print – the democratization of label and packaging production
Run Length Developments

Economics of Digital Print Mainstream Production
  • Capacity of equipment, time to market – complementary or competitive to analogue print
New Technologies and drupa Developments
Digital Labels and Packaging Round Up
  • Digital printing technology map, and digital finishing
  • Workflow
  • Materials
  • Finishing
Beyond Printing

Digital Finishing
  • Integrated Label and Packaging Manufacture

Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers
Registration Open
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Rebecca List – Conference Producer, Smithers
Session I: Updates and Innovations in the Digital Print Industry
Introducing New Products in Corrugated & Digital Printing
•    State of the corrugated market
•    Barriers and drivers to adoption
•    New products changing the market
•    Near line and centralized models
•    Sustainability and LCA
•    Customer experience
Liz Logue | VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy, Inkjet EFI
Networking Break - Sponsored by Cabot

Your Trusted Global Partner in Water-Based Inkjet Dispersion
Session II: Digital Print and Design for Innovative Packaging
How a Brand-New CPG Company – With 118 Years of History – Navigates Digital Print
Historic and recent examples and stories of digital print at Kellogg and WK Kellogg Co. As digital print and CPG’s continue to evolve, it becomes more critical to find methods to overcome “historic memory” and utilize new developments in technology to solve old and new problems.
  • Looking at past projects (wins and losses) to re-frame for new needs and opportunities
  • Bring fresh perspectives on how to meet changing landscapes
  • Creativity through financial rigor and efficiency
  • Meet me where I am, not where you want me to be

TJ Seiwert | Sr. Manager – Design Ops, WK Kellogg Co.
Recent Innovations and Developments in Beverage Packaging
•    Digital printing in beverage packaging – discussing use cases, successes, and setbacks
•    Following the demand and adapting to industry needs

Speaker to be announced soon!
Networking Lunch
Session III: Brand Protection Through Digital Print and Packaging
Winning the Fight Against Counterfeits – Helping Brands Across Industries Outsmart the Counterfeiters
The explosion of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), online commerce, and sophisticated technologies have exposed consumers to greater potential for misinformation and fake products that are more convincing than ever. Brands are under attack in multiple ways, including counterfeit selling online, GenAI altered packaging, and infringement of intellectual property. Counterfeiting is no longer just about protecting brand reputation; it’s about protecting consumers’ health and safety. Good news, technology to outsmart counterfeiters exists today. Our speakers will share how global brands are taking a multi-layered approach to brand protection through digital printing and packaging.
Ken Sickles | Chief Product Officer, Digimarc
Protecting Brands and Customers Against Counterfeit
This presentation will cover Amazon transparency service, enabled by digital printing to protects brands and customers against counterfeit
Lior Krasnovsky | Senior Program Manager, Amazon
Networking Lunch
Session IV: Analyzing Brand Experiences with Digital Print
Shaping the Future of the Packaging World with Innovations in Labels, Folding Cartons, and Beyond with Inkjet Cluster Technology
Session V: Latest Developments in Printing, Inks, Materials, and More
Achieving Production Run Lengths & Mass Customization at Scale in Flexible Packaging
Today’s flexible packaging converters are faced with a new challenge – not only are brands demanding quicker turn-around, but they are also demanding advanced customization capabilities to differentiate themselves. To achieve “mass customization at scale,” converters can adopt a hybrid approach, leveraging the time-tested volume production capabilities of flexo printing and the customization benefits of digital printing. Enter the ION Hybrid Digital Press from the BW Converting PCMC brand. In his presentation, BW Converting – PCMC Digital Launch Manager Windell McGill demonstrates the results of its pilot installation with LaCore Printworx and the technology that made ION possible.
Windell McGill | ION Launch Manager, Paper Converting Machine Company
Networking Break
Water Based Digital Inkjet – The new sustainable way to print?
This year will see a record number of water based digital inkjet machines launch across all packaging substrates and with global perspective. Digital printing has yet to take off but it appears this technology is going to push the industry forward. This talk investigates why it will make the difference and what are all the advantages for end users, printers, and the consumer. The big question is, will it be more sustainable than current printing methods available? Or is it just another printing route? We will also touch on the technology Cabot is bringing to enhance the experience.
Ian Schofield | Ink Jet Team, Cabot
If Ford Motor Company Made Industrial Inkjet Printers
Is the highly refined, ultra-mature world of automotive manufacture an indicator for a beneficial direction of travel for industrial inkjet? Inkjet printer design and manufacturing has progressed rapidly during recent years, though an F150 produced like an inkjet printer might be priced closer to $250k than $50k. There are obviously some important differences, but it could be useful to draw some comparisons. This talk will focus on the rapid change in industrial inkjet and how every solution for packaging, being custom manufactured, could be the equivalent of the $250k Ford F150.
Tim Daisy | US Business Development Manager, Global Inkjet Systems
Networking Reception
Registration Open
Opening Remarks
Rebecca List – Conference Producer, Smithers
Session V: Sustainability, Circularity, and E-Commerce
HP Presentation
This group discussion will take a look at the latest sustainability trends and innovations from an e-commerce perspective. When it comes to being sustainability-focused in the digital print space, what are e-commerce companies seeing in terms of what works and what still needs to be done? Participants will share their perspectives and offer insights based on real case uses.

Panelists to be announced soon!
Recycler Update
•    Addressing the latest innovations, as well as concerns, in the recyclability space
•    What can companies across the supply chain do to improve circularity?

Speaker to be announced soon!
Session VII: Deep Dive Into Labels
Recycling of Fiber-Based Materials with Transfer Metallic Decoration
The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) has unveiled a new study testing transfer metallic decorated fiber-based materials and demonstrating that it is actually being recycled by Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) throughout the U.S. and North America. Through extensive testing at the Van Dyk Technology Center, the study demonstrates that fiber-based transfer metallic decorated materials are recyclable and are currently being sorted by MRFs to be included in the recycling stream. The presentation will discuss the findings and details from the new study.
Seth Levenstein | Sustainability Committee Member, Foil & Specialty Effects Association
Alternative to Labels- the Challenging Journey of Direct to Shape Inkjet Printing
Inkjet printing integration in manufacturing settings is a thriving and expanding field. The customisation and serialisation of plastic surfaces, both flat and 3D, are major areas of application for industrial manufacture. The flexibility of inkjet technology allows these solutions to replace labelling operations and bring up new marketing opportunities. We will discuss the journey to realisation of this challenging inkjet application and the future opportunities.
Holly Steedman | Business and Technology Development Director, IST INTECH
Closing Remarks