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Stay tuned for the 2024 program and speaker line-up!

In the meantime, take a look at the 2023 agenda and speakers. The program featured expert speakers from P&G, Georgia Pacific, ePac, Avery Dennison, EFI, Fujifilm, Siegwerk, Xeikon, DuPont, Michelman, and more

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Workshop: The Changing Landscape for Digital Printing in Packaging - Improvements for Brands, Converters and Consumers
Part I & II
Part I - Packaging market developments in 2023
  • Where digital fits into the packaging world
  • The changing role of packaging, new functions enabled by digital print
  • Choices for printing labels, cartons, corrugate, flexibles, rigid plastics, glass and metal
  • Litho, flexo, gravure and special decorating methods
  • Electrophotography SWOT
  • Inkjet SWOT
  • The importance of workflow and digital finishing
  • Emerging routes to market
  • Comparing analogue and digital printing
Part II - The economics of digital print
  • Cost model comparison
  • Capacity of equipment, time to market - complementary or competitive to analogue print

Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers
Networking Break
Part III & IV
Part III - New technologies in 2023
  • Digital printing technology map, and digital finishing
    • Insights from Labelexpo 2022
  • Workflow
  • Materials
  • Finishing
Part IV - The future packaging world
  • Sustainability
  • Changing retail landscape
  • The opportunities in e-Commerce packaging
  • Changing customer requirements, how big brands are being disrupted by smaller brands
  • Changing supply chains enabled by digital print – the democratisation of label & packaging production

Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers
Workshop concludes
Registration & Welcome
Registration Opens & Continental Breakfast
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Session I: State of the Digital Print Industry
< Session Description >
Moderator: Liz Logue, VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy, EFI

In this opening session, we are going to highlight some key topics and perspectives of what is happening in the industry currently. This will be a great lead into a busy two days of exploring the current and future digital print for packaging industry.
State of the Industry
In this opening presentation, hear from Sean Smyth all about the current and changing landscape within the digital print in packaging industry.
Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers
Expanded Branding Opportunities with Packaging
Packaging is growing as the primary marketing asset for many brands wanting to create compelling and engaging experiences for consumers in every channel.  With the small, modular footprint of digital printing, packaging companies can unlock new and creative branding opportunities that were previously not viable or prohibitive due to cost and complexity.
Dani Tulchinski | Global Strategic Marketing Digital Printing & Smart Packaging, Sealed Air (SEE)
The New Shelf Strategy: Innovative Approaches to Product Packaging
We are in an era where traditional marketing methods are facing challenges to attract and retain consumers. The target consumer is now inundated with more options, delivery methods, and multi-channel advertising.  Yet, the store shelf remains a strong distribution channel and has become even more competitive. Therefore, product packaging plays an even more crucial role in capturing the attention of consumers and driving sales in retail environments.

A new on-shelf strategy is an innovative approach to product packaging that is designed to increase product visibility, attract customers, and ultimately drive sales.

Digital printing concepts that will equip marketers and product owners with additional tools to become more competitive in this environment will be presented. Different approaches to on-shelf strategy will be discussed, including the use of one-of-a-kind designs, materials, and personalization. Additionally, the various benefits of this new on-shelf strategy, such as increased brand recognition, improved customer engagement, and increased sales will be shared.
Heidi Chambers | Business Development & Brand Manager, Labels & Packaging, HP Inc.
Panel: Throughout the Supply Chain - How Digital Printing Can Help Across the Industry
This panel will bring together experts from all values of the supply chain to discuss how adopting digital printing helped their supply chain. Panelists will talk through issues that occurred, past or present, and how digital print can assist in tackling the problem and move to enhance their business and the industry. 

  • David Zwang – Principal, Zwang & Company
  • Bob Seay, VP – Digital Print Solutions, Georgia-Pacific
  • Chuck Slingerland, Corrugated Sales Manager, NA, Durst Image Technology
  • Thierry Vray, Global Design to Print Platform Leader, P&G
  • Abe Hanna, Director of Corrugated Solutions, Orora Group
Networking Break – Sponsored by GMG Color
Session II: Improving the Supply Chain & Workflow with Digital Print
< Session Description >
Moderator: Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers

Supply chain has been a buzz word across industries with issues, workforce decrease, etc. over the last few years. The digital print industry has felt this too, and with that it’s important to find ways to improve across supply chain and workflow processes. See from experts how digital printing has helped their supply chain and company succeed.
Improving the Supply Chain with Digital
Additional Presenter: Jason Wagenaar, Vice President of Sales, Moyy

Digital print offers improved supply chains in corrugated packaging, through enabling decentralized production with local design control. 
  • Challenges in supply chain
  • Pressures on turnaround time and changes
  • Decentralizing production
  • Linking sites and presses
  • Flexibility in design, production and materials

Liz Logue | VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy, Inkjet EFI
Session III: The Life of the Converter
< Session Description >
Moderator: Trevor Schroeder, Product and Business Development Manager, Corrugated Segment, HP PageWide Presses

Now more than ever, it is important to get into the mind of the converter to best know their current practices, what they are doing to help with the supply chain and digitalization, how best to work with the rest of the supply chain, and what they see with the future of digital print.
Accelerating Sales with the Versatility of Digital Print Production
Digital print and finishing deliver game-changing technologies that accelerate your packaging sales and increase your value to client accounts. Join us to discuss how digital manufacturing solutions for corrugated products hasten speed to market, simplify change management, and add versatility that conventional print and finishing simply can’t match.
Brett Kirkpatrick | Director of Trade Business, The BoxMaker
High-Speed Digital Printing for 2pc Beverage Cans
The discussion will include an assessment of various technologies to digitally print beverage cans with direct-to-shape printing.  In addition to economic advantages vs. traditional printing technologies at smaller scales, sustainability benefits will be highlighted.  In particular, the novel Velox digital printing technology offering unique on-shelf presence with the ability to print on the neck and the chime of the can will be highlighted.   
Dan A. Abramowicz, Ph.D. | Chief Technology Officer and Executive VP Technology & Regulatory Affairs, Crown Holdings
Lunch Break
Session IV: The Truth is Out There: Inks, Materials, & More
< Session Description >
Moderator: Trevor Schroeder, Product and Business Development Manager, Corrugated Segment, HP PageWide Presses

This session will dive into the story of inks, new innovations, and the future of inks and packaging working together within the industry. In the process, the record will be set straight on some common myth within the space.
Bridging the Gap with Hybrid Inks
Conventional printing methodologies can be timely and cumbersome, but the finished product is unmatched in terms of color vibrancy and coverage.  However, Hybrid Ink Technology can bridge the gap between digital and conventional printing.  Kao Collins’ Hybrid Inks contain a unique blend of dyes and pigments that boost both color vibrancy and optical density.  Having the ability to easily modify images while reducing make-ready time and producing bold, colorful images is an enticing advantage for the fast-paced environment of any print shop.  
Katsuyuki Kozake | EVP, Research & Development, Kao Collins
Design and Development of Inkjet Inks for Digital Print for Packaging
DuPont has been developing inkjet pigment inks for over 30 years, beginning in the home & office, and now moving toward inkjet printing for packaging applications. In this presentation, Joe will discuss how DuPont collaborates with our supply chain partners to sustainably design and manufacture water-based inkjet inks that meet regulatory and NGO requirements for food contact materials. He will also discuss DuPont’s development strategies on pigment dispersions and polymer binders that enable us to formulate and deliver high-performance inks to meet the printhead, printer, and converting requirements. Finally, he will discuss several areas our technology organization is emphasizing to deliver sustainable offerings to our customers.
Michael Denny | Principal Investigator, DuPont
Digital Printing with Single-Pass UV Curable Ink
  • Where “single-pass UV inkjet” falls as a technology within the larger digital print segment
  • Overview of the commonly found single-pass UV inkjet printing applications
  • Potential benefits to digital vs analog printing in terms of imaging and/or accounting
  • Considerations of UV single-pass printing beyond imaging & costs

Tom Shea | Regional Manager, Inkjet US & Canada, Siegwerk
Networking Break – Sponsored by Rollem
Session V: A Closer Look at Direct to Shape
< Session Description >
Moderator: Trevor Schroeder, Product and Business Development Manager, Corrugated Segment, HP PageWide Presses​

In this session, we will focus on digital printing direct to cans, bottles, etc. and how beneficial this growing part of the industry can be for companies and the future.
Debbie Thorp | Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems
Direct to Object Printing & Connected Packaging
Sustainability and Digital Serialization with Direct to Object Printing by Engaging a partnership with Juno DTS and Discussing how direct to object printing can provide low minimum orders, drive sustainability, and create a digital experience through manufacturing process to consumer engagement.
Paul Lender | Business Development Manager - Digital Materials, Avery Dennison
Welcome Reception
Session IV: Diving into the World of Labels
< Session Description >
Moderator: David Hess, Consultant

The labels industry is ever changing, and this session will ensure you are up to date on recyclability, innovations, and what the experts are saying about the future of the industry.
Our Journey to Labels and Digital Printing
From the early days of working at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, to then buying a label printing business with two other partners in 1993, Mark Turk describes their journey to labels and digital printing, and what has been learned along the way.  Celebrating 30 years in the label business, Mark shares his insights that has enabled International Label & Printing to drive growth and maximize productivity & efficiency by continuing to implement technology to best serve their customers, and challenging the status quo by asking “when flexo?, when digital?, when hybrid”    
Mark Turk | President/CEO, International Label & Printing, and Board Member, TLMI
Panel: Where Are Labels Heading?
We will hear from experts within the space about the world of labels and digital print; what is currently happening by talking through from issues and opportunities, and what is being seen for the future.
  • Mark Turk, President/CEO, International Label & Printing, and Board Member, TLMI
  • Donna Covannon, Director of Marketing NA, Xeikon
  • Patrick Park, Business Development Manager, Americas, UPM Raflatac
  • Tim Bohlke, Director of Sustainability, Resource Label Group
  • Kelly Kell, Global Innovation Lead, Food, Avery Dennison
Networking Break – Sponsored by Rollem
Session V: Let’s Get Personalized
< Session Description >
Moderator: Liz Logue, VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy, EFI

Personalization is becoming increasingly popular, but how do you do it in the right way? This session will talk all about personalizing with digital print, how it works, and how easy it can be for you and your customers.
Liz Logue | Vice President Strategy, Inkjet, EFI, US
Simplicity Drives Success: How Fiery FreeForm Create Helps Businesses Achieve Their VDP Goals
In this talk, I will discuss how simplicity is the key to success when it comes to variable data printing for packaging. Attendees will learn how Fiery FreeForm Create's intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to get started with VDP, and how businesses can leverage these capabilities to achieve their VDP goals. I will also share tips and tricks for using Fiery FreeForm Create to streamline the VDP process and maximize its impact on customer engagement and brand recognition.
Hans Sep | Product Line Manager, Fiery
Welcome Reception
Registration & Welcome
Registration Opens & Continental Breakfast
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Set the Stage Sponsor – EFI
Session VI: Connecting to the Consumer: Communication, Smart Packaging, & Beyond
< Session Description >
Moderator: Trevor Schroeder, Product and Business Development Manager, Corrugated Segment, HP PageWide Presses

To start Day 2, presentations will highlight the importance to connect to the consumer, whether it’s on the design and planning side, personalization, communication, or on adding smart packaging and the digital world to the conversation.
Vista Personalization Presentation
Connected Packaging: Put your packaging to work for you
Additional Presenter: Alpha Ndebele, Operations Manager, Love You Cookie

Smart/Connected features are changing the value that flexible packaging can deliver to brands and consumers.  This session will explore how brands of all sizes can leverage new flexible packaging technologies to demonstrate transparency, drive consumer engagement, meet regulatory requirements, fight counterfeiting, and help consumers make informed recycling/repurposing decisions. Join us as we explore the real-world use cases and come ready to interact.
Ryan Kiley | Director of Market Development, ePac
Networking Break
Session VII: Let’s Talk About It: Digital vs. Non-Digital
< Session Description >
Moderator: David Hess, Consultant

In this new session, expert panelists will talk about their experiences, either fully in the digital space, having their hands in both digital and analog, and those that do not touch digital at all. This will allow for a healthy, engaged conversation to really talk about the pros and cons of each, and why you should pick your print of choice.

David Hess | Consultant, Consultant
Panel: Digital vs. Analog: A Roundtable Discussion
Roundtable that will bring digital and analog users alike to talk about the industry, their reasons for their type of printing, and where they see the future heading for their company and industry.
  • David Hess, Consultant
  • Chris Knecht, Commercial Lead and Product Development Manager, Georgia-Pacific Hummingbird
  • Carl Joachim, Co-Founder & CMO, ePac
  • Neil Cook, Segment Marketing Manager – Packaging and Commercial Print, Fujifilm
  • Trevor Schroeder, Product and Business Development Manager, Corrugated Segment, HP PageWide Presses
Networking Lunch
Session VIII: The Continued Importance of Sustainability within the Sector
< Session Description >
Moderator: Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems, Ltd.

The importance of sustainability and recyclability continues to grow across all industries, especially digital print. Here, discussions of the way digital print can be more sustainable, help across the supply chain, and meet consumers needs will be highlighted and explored.
Packaging Print in Production: It’s not about print, it’s about process improvements
Today’s production and supply chain are designed to address consumer needs for mass produced goods.  However, consumers are demanding more personalization and sustainable products and ways of purchasing them that meet their life style preferences. Delaying print can support the supply chain in addressing these changing consumer demands. In this session, you will hear about: 
  1. Examples of how companies can re-engineer their production workflows to address evolving market needs 
  2. Detailed benefits associated with add-on printing using inkjet technology 
Considerations to be aware of as you evaluate inkjet add-on printing 
Jamie Walsh | NA Sales Manager, FUJIFILM Integrated Inkjet Solutions
Unlock the Power of Color Management with X-Rite
As the packaging world becomes increasingly digital, accurate color for branding is more critical than ever before. From designers to converters and other packaging professionals, accurate and consistent color is essential for creating high-quality products and delivering exceptional customer experiences. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, X-Rite color measurement solutions empower professionals to achieve color accuracy, improve consistency across multiple production workflows, and reduce re-work to make the process more sustainable. During this session, we'll explore the benefits of the i1Pro 3 where you will discover how to: • Understand your organization’s color maturity • Achieve a connect color workflow • Optimize premedia with color-managed proofing using i1Pro Publish • Calibrate and profile your digital devices for matching multiple presses and substates • Use X-Rite solutions for color accuracy verification required by Fortune 500 brands Whether you're a designer, print provider, or package converter, X-Rite can help you achieve your color management goals and take your business to the next level. Join us to learn more about these groundbreaking technologies and how they can transform the way you work with color.
Lou Prestia | Product Manager – Digital Print and Display + PantoneLIVE, X-Rite
Session IX: Dusting off the Crystal Ball – A Future Roadmap
< Session Description >
Moderator: Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers

To end the conference, a panel full of industry experts from across the supply chain will look into the future and talk about where they see the industry heading. This will be a great way to round out the key topics discussed throughout the 2-days and start to think about what could be talked about in the future conferences to come.
Panel: Opportunities for the Future of the Digital Print Industry
The digital printing sector continues to develop and innovate so that it can move into new ventures and opportunities in line with technological and societal changes. This panel looks to explore the views and thoughts of participants for opportunities (and threats) for the sector.
  • David Zwang, Principal, Zwang & Company
  • Susan Bailey, Senior Manager, Business Development and Applications, Michelman
  • Karen Kromat, Sustainable Program Manager, Case Paper
  • Charlotte Bedford, Food Contact Regulatory Affairs Manager, Crown Holdings
  • Charles Ho Fung, Senior R&D Packaging Design & Strategy, Molson Coors Beverage
Closing Remarks by Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers