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Registration & Opening Remarks
Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Brittany Onslow, Conference Producer, Smithers
Session I: Textile Industry Overview, Trends, Brands in Digital Textile Printing and More
< Session Description >
This session will cover all of the latest trends in the textile industry. Highlighting brands using digital print and how their speed to market has changed, design trends and who the big players are in the industry, and consumer trends such as color, fabric, and buying trends.
Trend, Style, & Innovation: Designs that are making an impact now and how we can use digital textile printing technology to innovate
As digital textile printing professionals, it’s critical that we stay on top of trends to better connect with consumers in the present moment. Pulling from the latest imaginations from the runway and streetwear to interior design, this presentation will focus on better understanding the designs, colors, and textures embedding in our culture today.
This session will also focus on the differences between cultivating trends vs. style and how digital textile printing technology is poised to set the tone and innovate. We’ll discuss how to use trends as an inspirational framework to digitally create original visual dynamics.
Kathryn Sanders | Founder & CEO, Western Sensibility
Kicking off Spring/Summer 2024 - Performance Colors and Trends
There is no doubt that the last two years and the current global situation will still overshadow the season SS 2024. Our lives continue to shift and evolve permanently and so do colors. Nora Kuehner presents a detailed and inspiring introduction to the season’s core topics. As we struggle for solid ground, a courageous uplifting spirit rises and brings back energy and motion.
Colors reflect this fragile balancing – flawless bright hues delight in shimmering fluid transparency. Delicate tonal pairings underline our desire for immersive harmony and chromatic beauty. Acid disturbances mingle in while desaturated tones convey a grounding calming mood.
Focusing on performance and leisure wear, Nora Kuehner approaches color and trend perspectives from a trans-seasonal angle: extensive research on socio-cultural developments and user mindsets form the base of her renowned forecast. Together with a team of international designers she develops a clear and concise color vision for the upcoming season. Join in!
Nora Kühner | Independent Fashion & Design, Consultant
Preparing for the Next Black Swan Supply Chain Disruption
For many international businesses, the past five years has brought much disruption and uncertainty to the international trade community. Covid disruptions, port Congestion, proposed customs regulations, and new trade sanctions and restrictions posed a grave threat to an efficient, effective, and secure supply chain. What have we learned from the past five years? What potential black swan events could be looming? How do you determine supply chain risks and protect your supply chain from the next supply chain disruption?

Dr. Eugene Laney Jr. | President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), American Association of Exporters and Importers
Networking Break
Session II: Microfactories and Textile Mills
< Session Description >
Highlighting textile mills and microfactories, this session will go over how these companies are using digital print presses and some of the challenges and best practices to take away.
Demand generation for the Micro-Factory - Creation and Execution
The on-demand manufacturing and personalization ear is here, but it requires Micro Factories to build efficient operations that can scale. In this session we will discuss methodologies and tools to generate demand, handle it properly and scale the right way.
Guy Alroy | Co-Founder, Early Vision
DTG/DTF Productivity Optimization
More information comiThe presentation will focus on critical ink properties that will enable the printer to print more shirts per liter and more shirts per hour. The overall DTF & DTG processes will be described along with the critical parameters of ink jet printing and the mechanisms that make colors most brilliant and most durable.
ng soon.
Eric Beyeler | Global Marketing Manager for Artistri® Digital Inks, DuPont Advanced Printing
Networking Lunch
Session III: Apparel & Home Decor
< Session Description >
This session will address the unique needs in apparel and home décor with digital print. Speakers will address the challenges, innovations, and trends within the apparel and home décor industries and hear the latest from the brand perspective.
Alternative on-demand sustainable Home décor. A dream or reality?
Talking about home décor and on demand usually do not go hand in hand… yet the market is changing and also in home décor, the advantages of offering on demand sustainable Home décor manufacturing are noticeable. In this session we will talk about ways of creating only what is truly desired and endless possibilities to unleash creativity.
Tomer Gallimidi | Director, Product Management, Kornit Digital
The Mark of the Hand: Tracing Magic Lines
Visual keynote presentation. Each of our unfolding paths is a fusion of our planned journey and the unexpected encounters that offer depth, color, intensity, even chaos - gentle or otherwise to our experience. How may we embrace those uncertainties, as a passage to richer dimensions of experience? What lies beyond our immediate reach, knowledge and comprehension that we can conjure into transformative energy? Highway or labyrinth, the mystery of that which is “just beyond” the visible holds rich potential. The human hand, and the marks that record traces of life, are an underused - and essential - option for the design of digital textile printing. Artist, painter, printmaker and book artist Suzanne Moore will guide you through her world of analog mark-making, abstract lettering and image-making, showing some of the myriad possibilities of analog pigment on paper. Mining the depths of color and texture, line and form, you will get a glimpse of some of Suzanne's designs for textile applications. The distinct marks that the human hand makes with pigment floated onto various surfaces cannot be replicated by digitally created imagery. The mark of the hand is a human cardiogram, the trace of time and place and experience. Join us on this journey of unfolding color and light.
Suzanne Moore | Artist/Owner, Scarlet & Maeve
Networking Break
Session IV: Workflow and Finishing
< Session Description >
Sewing automation, design, ink developments and more will be addressed in this session. Speakers will give advice on how to choose the right color, color matching from design to production and more. How will workflow change when digital print is implemented? How can workflow be improved when switching to digital print?
Denim Prints and Finishings – Innovation Space for Brands
Additional Presenter: Carlos Arias, Chief Executive Officer, Denim Forward

Abstract coming soon
Juan Lara | General Manager, Denim Forward
Last Mile Sewing, Automation and Technology
Closing Remarks & Networking Reception
Registration & Opening Remarks
Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens
Welcome & Opening remarks
Session V: Personalization and E-Commerce
< Session Description >
This session will cover how to work with designers, working with designers to bring their designs to life, adopting digital print, personalized patterns and more.
From Pixel to Parcel. Make better
Everything is changing And with change comes opportunity. The opportunity to make it better. Kornit is a global change maker. Its innovative technology allows designers, influencers, and brands to unleash their creativity and make fast, sustainable fashion that allows personal expression, one impression at a time. In this session we will talk about the change and how we can allow everyone to express themselves.
Limor Prigan | Product Marketing Director, Kornit Digital
Panel: How has digital print changed the apparel and home decor industries?
  • Ryan Stanley, Senior Director of Color, PVH Corp.
  • Jena Nesbitt, Product Strategy Director, Pinecrest Fabrics
  • Elizabeth King, VP of Digital Strategy, Gerber Technology, a Lectra company
  • Gloria Adeboi, Sr. Sales Executive, Digimarc
  • Limor Prigan, Product Marketing Director, Kornit Digital
  • More coming soon!
Is there a gap between where the textile industry is currently, and how advanced digital print is? Why is there such a hesitation to switch to digital print?
How is digital print improving the process of creating and designing apparel?
This panel will address the struggles of using digital print for apparel and home decor, the challenges of switching over to digital and how digital can improve the on demand production and design process.
Networking Break
Session VI: Sustainability, New Materials and The Future of Fabrics
< Session Description >
How is the Circular Economy Affecting the Textile Industry? This session will cover the latest trends in fabrics, sustainability and how digital on demand is the more sustainable option. There will be presentations on smart textiles, protective and performance fabrics and material innovations.
Sustainability Trends in Product Development
Since its inception in 1943, the Textile Technology Center at Gaston College serves as a resource to the textile industry providing testing, product development and training. The Textile Technology Center at Gaston College has recently collaborated with the Manufacturing Solutions Center at CVCC to form the Manufacturing & Textile Innovation Network (MTIN). From raw materials to finished goods, learn more about sustainability trends in various aspects of the textile supply chain.
Jasmine Cox | Director of Textile Technology Programs & Business Innovation Textile Technology Center, Gaston College
Panel: Technical Advancements in Fabrics
Moderator: Adrienne Palmer, Editor-in-Chief, Big Picture Magazine

  • Mary Ann Ankeny, Vice President, Product Development, and Implementation Operations,
    Cotton Incorporated
  • Alyssa McNamara, R&D Engineer II, PIT Textiles & Wallpaper, Spoonflower
Discussions will be around:
  • Best fabrics for each sector
  • What’s next in innovative fabrics
    • Material types, wearables, reuse, biodegradability/recyclable
  • Color advancements and challenges
  • Finishing challenges
  • Simplifying workflow
Networking Lunch
Session VII: Reshoring and Water Cleaning
< Session Description >
This session will address the issue of reshoring manufacturing, especially in the times of supply chain issues during the pandemic.
The Power and Importance of US Manufacturing (virtual)
This session will address the issue of reshoring manufacturing, especially in the times of supply chain disruptions including by the pandemic. 20 to 30% of imports can be economically reshored if companies consider all costs and risks.
Harry Moser | President, Reshoring Initiative
Session VIII: Retention and Education within the Industry
< Session Description >
This session will cover how companies can keep their staff educated on the newest technologies for faster workflow, design and prototyping. When switching to digital print, how do you train your staff to use the machine and build a team to manage the press? How will design change when switching to a digital print press?
Attracting New Talent to the Industry
This presentation will cover how companies can recruit young talent and keep their current staff educated on the newest technologies for faster workflow, design and prototyping. It will present innovative approaches to continuous training that keep employees engaged while increasing digital acumen. It will also address how to use mixed reality to capture work instructions and scale training.
Jennifer Guarino | President and CEO, ISAIC (Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center)
What can we teach in the digital textile printing world?: Connections between the technology and higher education
Apparel design at Iowa State University is one of the leading programs in the U.S. that provides access to digital textile printing technology. The purpose of this presentation is to reflect upon the introduction of digital textile printing technology (DTPT) into undergraduate design curriculum and in-class activities, thus facilitating the connection between the technology and creative scholarship in higher education. Three collections by students were selected as the finalists at the International Arts of Fashion Competition in 2018, 2019 and 2020, which features over 300 designs from 30 countries with an acceptance rate of only 13%. 12 highest design awards were granted to our students at International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference design competition. At ISU Annual Fashion Show, there were 27 student awards resulted from the DTPAD class using the DTPT. The DTPT as a learning tool in undergraduate level classes facilitates students’ creativity and promotes learning of emerging technology.
The presentation will be supplemented with discussions on the following topics:
1) how to build connections between DTPT industries and higher education
2) what kinds of supports that industry can provide to the higher education
3) how to prepare students to be competitive in the job market before graduation.
Dr. Ling Zhang | Assistant Professor in the Department of Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management, Iowa State University
Closing Remarks and Farewell