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Registration and opening remarks
Chair's opening remarks
Session 1: Sustainability & regulation as strategic drive for digital print
Latest trends and developments in digital print for packaging
  • Market and technology trends shaping the industry
  • The drive for greater sustainability in the digital print for packaging value chain

Sean Smyth | Consultant, Smithers
Sustainability and regulation as strategic drivers in the shift towards digital print
  • Building an internal business case for digital print for packaging
  • Managing the work process effectively to enable agility and increased speed to market  
  • Digital vs conventional printing - the business impact for brands throughout the packaging supply chain 

Steve Wardle | Senior Manager, Design Operations & Process , Kellogg's
Expert panel – Sustainability and the outlook digital printing for packaging
  • Understanding the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) and its scope and impact on digital print for packaging 
  • What innovation is needed throughout the packaging supply chain to meet increased regulatory developments and customer demands for sustainable and personalised products? 
  • The importance of collaboration across the industry supply chain to minimise carbon footprint and increase sustainability
  • Dealing with increased costs such as energy, paper & board, and other substrate costs 
  • The impact of regulatory developments on inks
Uwe Melichar, President, European Brand & Packaging Design Association
Ciara Dempsey, Regulatory Affairs Manager, British Coatings Federation 
Lynsey Maddison, Senior Product Development Manager, ProAmpac
Networking coffee break
Empowering brand owners – the role of converters in enhancing packaging solutions for brand owners
  • Sustainable solutions – reducing carbon footprint in the packaging supply chain through digital print
  • Harnessing digital printing innovations such as connected and smart packaging solutions
  • Leveraging digital print capabilities for customisation and personalisation
  • Efficiently adapting packaging designs for product variations and quick releases

Windell McGill | ION Launch Manager, Paper Converting Machine Company
What do brand owners and retailers want from digital print and ink in the future?
  • Personalisation, sustainability, cost, regulation – what is driving adoption of digital print?
  • What do brand owners and retailers want from digital print suppliers?
Moderated: Ian Schofield, IHS Solutions
Paul Horton, Senior Packaging and Graphics Developer, Innovation R&D, Diageo
Steve Wardle, Senior Manager, Design Operations & Process, Kellogg’s
Stefan Casey, Global Design to Delivery Manager, Nestle
Session 2: Design for digital
What does it take to be a global digital brand evangelist in the fast paced world of FMCG
  • Empowering brands through personalised packaging design 
  • Breaking the codes of convention – variability can empower creativity 
  • Daring to be bold and brave – the digital entrepreneur 
  • Design to deliver - success through collaboration and end to end workflows 
  • Breaking boundaries with AI – The future of creativity or the nail in the coffin?

Stefan Casey | Global Design to Deliver Manager, Nestle
Networking Lunch
The future of artwork design for digital print: Integrating AI tools
  • Current best practices for digital artwork management for optimum results 
  •  Packaging artwork features to improve recyclability and circular design  
  • End to end artwork considerations and opportunities for digital print in packaging  
  • Collaborative approaches between designers and AI tools to enhance human creativity and expertise 

Matt Dass | Managing Director , Springfield Solutions – an All4Labels Packaging Group Company
Transforming consumer experiences using digitally printed QR codes
  • Practical applications of digitally printed QR codes to deliver personalised experiences 
  • Using QR codes to unlock new streams of business intelligence 
  • Factors for consideration during the design and implementation of digitally printed QR codes

Cameron Worth | Founder and CEO, SharpEnd
Panel Discussion: Design for digital print
Uwe Melichar, President, European Brand & Packaging Design Association
Stefan Casey, Global Design to Delivery Manager, Nestle
Cameron Worth, CEO, SharpEnd
Afternoon coffee break and networking
Unleashing the digital print revolution: Why packaging’s time is now!
  • Conventional vs digital printing for brand owners
  • The impact of environmental regulation on market adoption
  • Dealing with established infrastructure and workflows
  • Technical and economic limitations and their impact on adoption rates
  • Future prospects and opportunities for digital print

Ian Schofield | Ink Jet Team, Cabot
Defining the Business Impact of Direct-to-Object Digital Printing
  • Understanding the pros and cons of direct to object digital printing vs. traditional printing technologies
  • Driving business growth and expanding market opportunities for different types of packaging
  • Understanding the how this innovative printing method can transform metal packaging production
  • Evaluating application to various metal packaging formats
  • Development of a high-speed digital printer for beverage cans
  • Dealing with challenges around variable data printing in direct to object applications 
Marian Cofler, CEO & Co-Founder, Velox

Dan A. Abramowicz, Ph.D. | Chief Technology Officer and Executive VP Technology & Regulatory Affairs, Crown Holdings
Challenges and opportunities for digital print on flexible packaging
  • The true power of digital for promotion and traceability 
  • Substrate considerations and compatibility challenges 
  • Adhesion, ink migration and curing issues to consider with food contact
  • Dealing with regulatory compliance and sustainability demands 
Simon Buswell, Sales & Marketing Director, Eco Flexibles
Chair's closing remarks and end of day one
Networking Drinks Reception
Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 3: Technologies and Innovation
The role of digital printing in reducing carbon footprint of packaging
  • The impact of EU regulation on the packaging supply chain 
  • Circular economy approaches in digital print for packaging, recycling and repurposing through the packaging life cycle 
  • Sustainable packaging innovations to reduce carbon footprint and enhance consumer experience 

Gregory Bentley | EU Packaging Director , Suntory Beverage and Food Europe
Trends & developments with inks – expert panel
  • Water-based vs UV inks, sustainability vs cost 
  • Latest developments with printing ink and varnishes for food contact materials 
  • Advances in ink formulation 
  • The impact of economic challenges in 2023 on ink choices 
  • Sustainability of printing inks: UV vs water-based inks and the energy crisis 
Moderator: Jon Harper Smith, Print Consultant
Natasha Jeremic, Ink Development Manager, Domino UK Ltd
Rick Hulme, Business Director Packaging & Publications, Sun Chemical
Angelique Runacre, Technical Manager, FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group
The future of digitalisation in the packaging industry
  • Using digital print to combine digital and physical worlds in every day packaging
  • Creative use of innovative digitally printed packages
  • Digital marketing and consumer engagement that combine innovation with sustainability
  • How Arla foods used creative and sustainable digital print packaging solutions
  • Using carton board for digitally printed packaging
Mauri Reinilä CEO, PackageMedia

Lauri Järvinen | Technical Marketing Manager, Metsä Board
Networking Break
Sustainable inkjet digital printing solutions for paper packaging as a circular economy enabler
  • The growing trend of replacing multi-layer plastic packaging with paper to meet consumer demands for eco-friendly solutions
  • Unlock the potential of paper packaging: Explore the benefits, applications and limitations of flexible papers
  • Inkjet digital printing as a catalyst to accelerate mass market adoption and ramp up volumes
  • Circular solutions: Enhance resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact and lower energy consumption with inkjet digital printing

Juan Cano | Business Development Director-Flexible Packaging Division, Screen Europe (UK) Ltd
Mastering single pass digital printing challenges on microflute, folding carton, and beyond
  • Key features and capabilities of digital single pass printing
  • Identify and delve into the challenges associated with printing microflute and folding carton printing.
  • Present an innovative printing solution to overcome these challenges
Rita Torfs, Product Manager Packaging Digital Printing Solutions, AGFA
Session 5: Workflow and Colour Management
The importance of colour management for digital print for packaging
  • Ensuring colour consistency throughout the digital print supply chain
  • Ensuring brand and colour consistency across multiple print runs and print devices 
  • Colour management when switching between or integrating conventional and digital printing 

Mike Rottenborn | Chief Executive Officer, Hybrid Software Group PLC
Consistent colour on your digital press starts with the brand’s colour specification
  • How to achieving consistent colour from design and inspiration through production onwards
  • The role of Pantone Connect and PantoneLive in the creation and communication of colour standards
  • Communicate brand identity across the value chain using spectral data, the DNA of colour
  • How colour specification and communication drives quality improvement, speed to market and cost and waste reduction
Jan De Roeck, Marketing Director, Industry Relations and Strategy at Esko
Martin Cusack, Product Manager at Esko
Lunch break
Session 6: The Future Outlook
Sustainability ,digital imaging, and digital print professionals of the future
  • Labour and skills – attracting young people to the digital print industry 
  • The importance of teaching the link between digital print and sustainability

Professor Charles Weiss | Professor of Graphic Communications, Clemson University
Panel discussion – The future of Digital Printing
  • Digital printing adoption rates and forecasts for the future 
  • Looking forward to DRUPA, predictions for digital print technologies 
  • What opportunities does artificial intelligence present for digital print?
  • Digital print for product traceability and anti-counterfeit measures 
  • How can we attract new talent into the industry from the younger generations? 
Moderator:  Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst
Ian Schofield, IHS Solutions
Patrick Poitevin, Director, Advisory4Pack
Greg Bentley, Packaging Director, Suntory Beverage and Food Europe
Sean Smyth, Print Consultant, Smithers
Chairman's closing remarks
Conference ends

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