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Workshop: The Changing Landscape for Digital Printing in Packaging - Improvements for Brands, Converters and Consumers
Part I & II
Part I - Packaging market developments in 2023
  • Where digital fits into the packaging world
  • The changing role of packaging, new functions enabled by digital print
  • Choices for printing labels, cartons, corrugate, flexibles, rigid plastics, glass and metal
  • Litho, flexo, gravure and special decorating methods
  • Electrophotography SWOT
  • Inkjet SWOT
  • The importance of workflow and digital finishing
  • Emerging routes to market
  • Comparing analogue and digital printing
Part II - The economics of digital print
  • Cost model comparison
  • Capacity of equipment, time to market - complementary or competitive to analogue print

Sean Smyth | Consultant, Smithers
Networking break
Part III & IV
Part III - New technologies in 2023
  • Digital printing technology map, and digital finishing
    • Insights from Labelexpo 2022
  • Workflow
  • Materials
  • Finishing
Part IV - The future packaging world
  • Sustainability
  • Changing retail landscape
  • The opportunities in e-Commerce packaging
  • Changing customer requirements, how big brands are being disrupted by smaller brands
  • Changing supply chains enabled by digital print – the democratisation of label & packaging production

Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers
Workshop concludes
Registration and opening remarks
Chair's opening remarks
Session 1: Sustainability & regulation as strategic drive for digital print
Latest trends and developments in digital print for packaging
  • Market and technology trends shaping the industry
  • The drive for greater sustainability in the digital print for packaging value chain

Sean Smyth | Consultant, Smithers
Sustainability and regulation as strategic drivers in the shift towards digital print
  • Building an internal business case for digital print for packaging
  • Managing the work process effectively to enable agility and increased speed to market  
  • Digital vs conventional printing - the business impact for brands throughout the packaging supply chain 

Steve Wardle | Senior Manager, Design Operations & Process , Kellogg's
Expert panel – Sustainability and the outlook digital printing for packaging
  • Understanding the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) and its scope and impact on digital print for packaging 
  • What innovation is needed throughout the packaging supply chain to meet increased regulatory developments and customer demands for sustainable and personalised products? 
  • The importance of collaboration across the industry supply chain to minimise carbon footprint and increase sustainability
  • Dealing with increased costs such as energy, paper & board, and other substrate costs 
  • The impact of regulatory developments on inks
Uwe Melichar, President, European Brand & Packaging Design Association
Ciara Dempsey, Regulatory Affairs Manager, British Coatings Federation 
Lynsey Maddison, Senior Product Development Manager, ProAmpac
Networking coffee break
Empowering brand owners – the role of converters in enhancing packaging solutions for brand owners
  • Sustainable solutions – reducing carbon footprint in the packaging supply chain through digital print
  • Harnessing digital printing innovations such as connected and smart packaging solutions
  • Leveraging digital print capabilities for customisation and personalisation
  • Efficiently adapting packaging designs for product variations and quick releases

Windell McGill | ION Launch Manager, Paper Converting Machine Company
What do brand owners and retailers want from digital print and ink in the future?
  • Personalisation, sustainability, cost, regulation – what is driving adoption of digital print?
  • What do brand owners and retailers want from digital print suppliers?
Moderated: Ian Schofield, IHS Solutions
Paul Horton, Senior Packaging and Graphics Developer, Innovation R&D, Diageo
Steve Wardle, Senior Manager, Design Operations & Process, Kellogg’s
Stefan Casey, Global Design to Delivery Manager, Nestle
Session 2: Design for digital
What does it take to be a global digital brand evangelist in the fast paced world of FMCG
  • Empowering brands through personalised packaging design 
  • Breaking the codes of convention – variability can empower creativity 
  • Daring to be bold and brave – the digital entrepreneur 
  • Design to deliver - success through collaboration and end to end workflows 
  • Breaking boundaries with AI – The future of creativity or the nail in the coffin?

Stefan Casey | Global Design to Deliver Manager, Nestle
Networking Lunch
The future of artwork design for digital print: Integrating AI tools
  • Current best practices for digital artwork management for optimum results 
  •  Packaging artwork features to improve recyclability and circular design  
  • End to end artwork considerations and opportunities for digital print in packaging  
  • Collaborative approaches between designers and AI tools to enhance human creativity and expertise 

Matt Dass | Managing Director , Springfield Solutions – an All4Labels Packaging Group Company
Transforming consumer experiences using digitally printed QR codes
  • Practical applications of digitally printed QR codes to deliver personalised experiences 
  • Using QR codes to unlock new streams of business intelligence 
  • Factors for consideration during the design and implementation of digitally printed QR codes

Sam Kinnear | Growth & Partnerships Lead, SharpEnd
Panel Discussion: Design for digital print
Uwe Melichar, President, European Brand & Packaging Design Association
Stefan Casey, Global Design to Delivery Manager, Nestle
Sam Kinnear, Growth & Partnerships Lead, SharpEnd
Afternoon coffee break and networking
Unleashing the digital print revolution: Why packaging’s time is now!
  • Conventional vs digital printing for brand owners
  • The impact of environmental regulation on market adoption
  • Dealing with established infrastructure and workflows
  • Technical and economic limitations and their impact on adoption rates
  • Future prospects and opportunities for digital print

Ian Schofield | Owner, IHS Solutions Limited
Defining the Business Impact of Direct-to-Object Digital Printing
  • Understanding the pros and cons of direct to object digital printing vs. traditional printing technologies
  • Driving business growth and expanding market opportunities for different types of packaging
  • Understanding the how this innovative printing method can transform metal packaging production
  • Evaluating application to various metal packaging formats
  • Development of a high-speed digital printer for beverage cans
  • Dealing with challenges around variable data printing in direct to object applications 
Marian Cofler, CEO & Co-Founder, Velox

Dan A. Abramowicz, Ph.D. | Executive VP Technology & Regulatory Affairs, Crown Holdings
Challenges and opportunities for digital print on flexible packaging
  • The true power of digital for promotion and traceability 
  • Substrate considerations and compatibility challenges 
  • Adhesion, ink migration and curing issues to consider with food contact
  • Dealing with regulatory compliance and sustainability demands 
Simon Buswell, Sales & Marketing Director, Eco Flexibles
Chair's closing remarks and end of day one
Networking Drinks Reception
Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 3: Technologies and Innovation
The role of digital printing in reducing carbon footprint of packaging
  • The impact of EU regulation on the packaging supply chain 
  • Circular economy approaches in digital print for packaging, recycling and repurposing through the packaging life cycle 
  • Sustainable packaging innovations to reduce carbon footprint and enhance consumer experience 

Gregory Bentley | EU Packaging Director , Suntory Beverage and Food Europe
Trends & developments with inks – expert panel
  • Water-based vs UV inks, sustainability vs cost 
  • Latest developments with printing ink and varnishes for food contact materials 
  • Advances in ink formulation 
  • The impact of economic challenges in 2023 on ink choices 
  • Sustainability of printing inks: UV vs water-based inks and the energy crisis 
Natasha Jeremic, Ink Development Manager, Domino UK Ltd
Rick Hulme, Business Director Packaging & Publications, Sun Chemical
Angelique Runacre, Technical Manager, FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group
The future of digitalisation in the packaging industry
  • Using digital print to combine digital and physical worlds in every day packaging
  • Creative use of innovative digitally printed packages
  • Digital marketing and consumer engagement that combine innovation with sustainability
  • How Arla foods used creative and sustainable digital print packaging solutions
  • Using carton board for digitally printed packaging
Mauri Reinilä CEO, PackageMedia

Lauri Järvinen | Technical Marketing Manager, Metsä Board
Networking Break
Sustainable inkjet digital printing solutions for paper packaging as a circular economy enabler
  • The growing trend of replacing multi-layer plastic packaging with paper to meet consumer demands for eco-friendly solutions
  • Unlock the potential of paper packaging: Explore the benefits, applications and limitations of flexible papers
  • Inkjet digital printing as a catalyst to accelerate mass market adoption and ramp up volumes
  • Circular solutions: Enhance resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact and lower energy consumption with inkjet digital printing

Juan Cano | Business Development Director-Flexible Packaging Division, Screen Europe (UK) Ltd
Session 4: Digital Finishing and Embellishments
The key features and capabilities of digital finishing and embellishments
  • Cost vs benefits for small and large brands with big print runs vs conventional printing 
  • Implications for food contact safety 
  • Environmental impacts of finishing and embellishment processes to consider 
  • How can digital embellishments transform a converting business? 
Speaker tbc
Success strategies for adding value and innovation to digital printing
  • Digital transformation – how to make the end-to-end printing process more agile and innovative
  • Risks and opportunities for digital printing finishing and embellishments 
  • Advancements in printing technology - finishing solutions and substrates to enable new ways to enhance the power and value of print 
  • How to add digital enhancement across all print application types

Matt Brooks | Global Business Director Packaging, Agfa
Session 5: Workflow and Colour Management
The importance of colour management for digital print for packaging
  • Ensuring colour consistency throughout the digital print supply chain
  • Ensuring brand and colour consistency across multiple print runs and print devices 
  • Colour management when switching between or integrating conventional and digital printing 

Mike Rottenborn | Chief Executive Officer, Hybrid Software Group PLC
Consistent colour on your digital press starts with the brand’s colour specification
  • How to achieving consistent colour from design and inspiration through production onwards
  • The role of Pantone Connect and PantoneLive in the creation and communication of colour standards
  • Communicate brand identity across the value chain using spectral data, the DNA of colour
  • How colour specification and communication drives quality improvement, speed to market and cost and waste reduction

Jan De Roeck | Marketing Director, Industry Relations and Strategy, Esko
Lunch break
Session 6: The Future Outlook
Sustainability ,digital imaging, and digital print professionals of the future
  • Labour and skills – attracting young people to the digital print industry 
  • The importance of teaching the link between digital print and sustainability

Professor Charles Weiss | Professor of Graphic Communications, Clemson University
Panel discussion – The future of Digital Printing
  • Digital printing adoption rates and forecasts for the future 
  • Looking forward to DRUPA, predictions for digital print technologies 
  • What opportunities does artificial intelligence present for digital print?
  • Digital print for product traceability and anti-counterfeit measures 
  • How can we attract new talent into the industry from the younger generations? 
Moderator:  Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst
Ian Schofield, IHS Solutions
Patrick Poitevin, Director, Advisory4Pack
Sean Smyth, Print Consultant, Smithers
Chairman's closing remarks
Conference ends

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