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60 Seconds With Memjet's Vice President Of Packaging

As one of this year's featured speakers at Digital Print For Pacakging US, Don Allred, VP of Packaging at Memjet will be sharing the stage with with Dennis TeGrootenhuis, Owner of Small Quantity Boxes. Together they will be sharing one of this year's highlight case studies, how a small business adopted digital printing and has grown significantly and continues to expand.

Recently, we spoke to Don about the importance of converters to take notice and invest in digital print solutions, along with what challenges Memjet faces as a solution provider of a market disruptor. 

Tell us about some market drivers that Memjet solutions provide to CPGs in this space?

Memjet is uniquely positioned as an inkjet technology provider.  With the release of our newest technology platform, DuraLink, Memjet now offers technology that can be positioned from the beginning to the end of the package production and use cycle.  Specifically, Memjet technologies now span the range from early stage to late stage package customization – all with the same characteristics of great PQ (1600 dpi), high speed, and cost-effective output.  This enables CPG’s to bring digital printing in-plant, next to their product filling machines to correct for any mismatch of package supply from their suppliers, or to address last minute changes.  This enables CPG’s to decide how much variation to position at the converting supplier or how much to manage last minute at their fill line, providing a valuable choice and helping manage difficult situations.

Why is it important for converters to take notice, and invest in digital print solutions?

Converters can enhance their relationship with Brands by beginning to offer benefits associated with digital printing.  Not all packaging will shift to digital, but the ability to discuss concepts of just in time supply, regardless of design changes, quick and easy versioning, and quick to market targeted messaging with your Customers will enhance your relationship and make is more difficult for Brands to treat packaging as a commodity. 

What were some challenges for you as a solution provider of a market disrupter?

In my discussions with major brands and converters, I see a lot of interest in digital printing, but perhaps not a commitment to invest 4 – 8 Mn on production digital print equipment.  A related concern from converters is the pace of technology change from digital print providers.  With new equipment and capabilities coming out nearly every year, converters are concerned about buying high priced equipment only to find themselves surpassed in 3 years.  Memjet OEM’s offer equipment that is much lower in cost.  This reduces the investment risk and enables converters and brands to begin the path to digital print slowly yet effectively. 

What are you most excited to hear about at Digital Print for Packaging 2018?

The Digital Print for Packaging symposium offers a great opportunity to speak directly with many brands and converters, as well as hear from other evangelists in the industry, all in a casual setting.  Always interesting is the pace of change you see and hear from equipment providers as well as the success stories of individual businesses.  Memjet will be sharing the stage with Dennis TeGrootenhuis, Owner of Small Quantity Boxes.  He has a great story to share – how a small business adopted digital printing and has grown significantly and continues to expand.  These success stories are a highlight of these events.