Meet the expert presenters who are bringing innovative and industry-leading content to Digital Textile Printing US.

These experts are speaking on topics such as: why brands are making the change to digital print, making technological advancements and testing methods for digital printing with textiles, the commercialization of digital print for textiles in apparel and home decor, dye sublimation and color management, workflow management, e-commerce, technological and chemical improvements, and recycling and sustainability.
Reid Lutter - PodiumWear Custom Sports Apparel

Reid Lutter

CEO & Founder at PodiumWear Custom Sports Apparel
Francesca Rosella - CuteCircuit

Francesca Rosella

Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder at CuteCircuit
Jena Nesbitt - Pine Crest Fabrics

Jena Nesbitt

Product Strategy Director at Pine Crest Fabrics
Jessica Schreiber - FABSCRAP

Jessica Schreiber

Founder & CEO at FABSCRAP
Gart Davis - Spoonflower

Gart Davis

CEO & Co-founder at Spoonflower
Luca Zacconi - Lululemon Athletica

Luca Zacconi

Director Raw Materials Print at Lululemon Athletica
Eric Beyeler - DuPont Advanced Printing

Eric Beyeler

Global Marketing Manager for Artistri® Digital Inks at DuPont Advanced Printing
Wendelyn Anderson. M.S., M.F.A - Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) School of Design & Engineering

Wendelyn Anderson. M.S., M.F.A

Technical Associate, Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) School of Design & Engineering
Danielle Hazen - Tegra Global

Danielle Hazen

Digital Print Specialist at Tegra Global
Charles Ohiaeri - Zazzle

Charles Ohiaeri

Chief Fulfillment Officer at Zazzle
Kerry King - AATCC

Kerry King

President at AATCC
Michelle Courtois - J. Crew

Michelle Courtois

Director of CAD and Color at J. Crew
Scott Aitken - SPGPrints

Scott Aitken

Managing Director at SPGPrints
Kate Love - Target

Kate Love

Senior Fabric Trend Manager at Target
Julian Mussi - DeSL

Julian Mussi

Vice President of Business Solutions, USA at DeSL
Lauren Durrell - Nike

Lauren Durrell

NXT/Material Innovator II at Nike
Traian Luca - Gemini CAD Systems

Traian Luca

Co-founder & CEO at Gemini CAD Systems
Margaret Getty - Lilly Pulitzer ®

Margaret Getty

Senior Associate of Woven Fabric and Trim Development at Lilly Pulitzer ®
Michael Sanders - Top Value Fabrics

Michael Sanders

Director of Printable Textiles & Finishing Technology at Top Value Fabrics
Laurie Pressman - Pantone

Laurie Pressman

VP – Pantone Color Institute at Pantone
Flint Davis - weaveup

Flint Davis

President at weaveup
Cyndi Rhoades - Worn Again

Cyndi Rhoades

Founder at Worn Again